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i actually disagree with newer is better.
Its just that third edition is the worst. 5th edition is a close second in beeing terrible, its saving grace mostly beeing the battlemaster.

But the Boomerism argument is silly.

Anyone saying that and preferring 2nd edition, is at least 35 y.o just by knowing the 2nd edition. And no I didn't mean it in an offensive way like boomerism..just outdated.

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out dated otherwise as a start.
That would assume that new = better && old = worse, which is not true.

The only way that makes sense is to use the updated whatever version as a base and build/change upon it.There can be bad parts in 5th edition aswell and designers can just fix them in game.

There are horrible things in earlier editions aswell.

let me tell u how out dated 2nd edition is.
You cannot multiclass if you are a human not at all.

And you can only multiclass certain classes with certain races, and you dont even multiclass to some subclasses.
Let's say if you are a dwarf u can only be:

Thats where it ends.

And I am not even gonna mention what is a "dual class", and how horrible is that mechanic is with %0 logic..I don't want to scare youngsters laugh

is that what makes it superrior? I think its just better than 1st edition smile