What Bruh said. With the EEs I've been able to do a completionist run without hitting a cap. Now it's possible that xp cap remover was in one of the mod packages I downloaded but I'm guessing that Beamdog just removed the cap.

On "why you forget to swing a sword?" -- because your morning routine is entirely different. You are no longer maintaining your armor and practicing your swing, you are hitting the books, memorizing the sequences etc. (or learning use finesse, or performing your morning devotions . . .). Now, granted, you have to suspend disbelief some but it's not like you don't do that in 3.5. The .5 rule of the 5 foot step was a necessary correction to the OP attack of opportunity problem* but it completely broke immersion. Somehow yoga because a part of the training of every young adventurer. "Okay, now in the seconds before the orc attacks I do the splits, come to stand on my left toe, pirouette, and start casting"

* (*Oprah voice* -- you get a free AOE! And you get a free AOE! Free AOEs for everyone! I think DOS2 corrected this problem best by making 'opportunist' a feat fighters had to take.)