But again I am not calling all 2nd edition was utterly crappy just outdated as it is..On the other hand tell me that in 2nd edition all weps have different speeds and I would definitely say it was amazing and adds more versality to the gameplay although making it harder in a way

Sure. smile Agreed that weapon speed was nice. As was weapon reach -- gave someone a reason to carry a spear instead of an axe.

2nd was a hot mess and I miss it. But it's gone. But with the success of 5th, all the editions that are not 5th are now out of date. Which isn't bad, I really like that 5th brought back the 1st ed element of "just say what you want to do and I'll decide if it works" and thus far that's been my favorite part of BG3. Boulders to push, bottles to throw etc.