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OK, I get it, you don't want her to be more friendly and trusting, you want her to be more friendly and trusting towards YOU. Yes, that's feasible. Evil characters actually often make more loyal friends and love partners, as they don't have other distractions to weight against your relationship.

Personally though, tired of sob stories and traumas, I am hungry for characters that are self-sufficient and well adjusted, thought, unfortunately, after reading her mind, there is a very big chance that it won't be the case with her.

Yes exactly smile

All self-sufficient characters have their own secrets. She looks like this in public, wants to seem strong, because she doesn't trust anyone.

Make it so that the drow who is used to deception and betrayal in Menzoberranzan fell in love with the main character and began to trust him for real - is a great challenge. Make her admit to herself that she NEEDS the main character, and it matters more than Lolth or Absolute. Difficult, will take a long time, but I really want to complete it! I think when this happens we will have the opportunity to get to know Minthara from the other side.
And maybe (optionally) slightly changed her worldview like Viconia

I think the romance with Minthara will be one of the best in video game history if the developers get it right. They've already done better than Dragon Age and Mass Effect combined.