also 1 other thing, if I was playing D&D and players at my table would be acting like lae'zel & shadowheart do when they're in the group (treating them like player characters here) I'd quit the table or ask the DM to get those 2 to pipe down their overtly hostile RP.

If they are companion characters however they can throw as many insults at each other as they want, again I really feel that the origin characters being pseudo player characters is throwing things off here.

I can only imagine how weird a session of 4 actual players controlling lae'zel and shadowheart / other origin characters (gonna play a good vampire or evil wyll and let wyll go "oh it's not my sense of justice but oh well go ahead kill the child then kagha", ie be incredibly out of character) would be compared to just letting them be the NPCs they're clearly intended to be.

also picking a prepackaged character sheet with origin story seems like it's pretty far removed from D&D as well, in case you can't tell I don't want origin stories to be pickable as main character, actual full player characters, sure fine, they're all the main characters, but already I feel the same thing that happened in DIV OS 2 happening in act 2 in which some really contrived excuse is gonna get used to force you to drop all the characters you don't have with you at event X or Y, there was a mod that removed this restriction and honestly besides 1 bossfight it barely affected the story, I'd really rather not have to wait for a mod to fix a core design decision that I don't see giving any merit, in DIV OS 2 it was a decision that affected.... who showed up at a boss fight in another act as ghosts because they died and thus also their story and quests died with them..... why exactly? again the mod that removes the restriction and allows you to retain your party members and expands the size of said party does unbalance combat significantly but storywise everything keeps on chugging along just fine? what did that decision impact again? who's story/voice acting/side quests I'd have to miss out on and force a 2nd playthrough? I'd really rather not have to wait for a mod to fix that with BG3 and I hope they find some way to adjust the UI for scalable party sizes I can see some workarounds and storywise I've so far encountered 0 reasons after several playthroughs as to why a party has to be trimmed down to 4 chosen ones, and it's getting really annoying having to swap out characters in and out whenever I know from experience now that characters like Wyll have unique interactions with certain goblins as it pertains to his side quest or personal quest w/e you wanna call it, I gotta swap in astarion when I find some drained wildlife for a unique interaction, I gotta swap in shadowheart at the shrine to selune and pass a check for her to confess she's a shar whorshipper and lae'zel starts to get seriously pissed off whenever you progress her personal quest (resets approval to neutral every time you progress shadowhearts personal quest from what I can tell), I gotta swap in gale whenever I acquire certain magically charged items so he can have his snack, I gotta constantly juggle party members around just like in DIV Os2 to get their unique interactions out of them when the mod just allowed me to have all party members with me and enjoy their personal quests & unique interactions with other NPCs.

edit clarifying lingo here: NPC here to mean non player character as opposed to non playable character as is usual with video games.

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