Dear Larian,

i have to say that i liked and bought BOTH DoS1 and 2 during Early Access and was never disapointet.
The world was very detailed. The Combat was plain hilarious and somewhat "overdone" but it fitet well into the comedy-like world with all its joking and very humorous approach. It felt at some point like a fantasy-Game within the Discworld by Terry Pratchet.
With Baldurs gate you recreated alot of what made DOS1 and 2 enjoyable.

I read ALOT of Novels and to be honest.... almost ALL of that Novels are based upon 3.5 and even books that are newly written dont take notice of 4.0 ever happend (storywise).
Immersion is a huge Factor for me in a RPG. I want to immagine the game like a Novel. And here comes the Problem with BG3. Some things just dont fit into the World.

I am not talking about minor things like some Lore violations or stuff like this. Its about totaly immersion-breaking stuff.

For example the food healing...... the thought that you bite into an apple DURING a swordfight to heal your wounds is horrible. And we are not talking about special rare magical food like "Goodberries" conjured by a druid. We talking about EVERY food and the totaly abundance of its availability. Mechanicaly it trivialises also the importance of certain classes. Who needs a Priest when i can get a Cook for combat healing. In DOS1 and 2 it was fitting as everything was hilarous. In BG3 this a Immersion Killer.

Another thing ist the jumping...... This nonstop Super Mario combat where everyone jumps around several yards even upwards even from a "standing still" position or while engaged in a sword fight. And no its not about the broken Disengagement system..... i am Talking about the JUMPING. THis is like wathing a Chineese Ghost story film. Everyone flies around ignoring gravity and trading blows while jumping. It fits in a Chineese martial Arts theme. But it doesnt fit into a DND game. In fact it totaly ruins the Immersion to a degree that it becomes activly negative experience.

In fact i couldnt even motivate myself to start the game again since Patch3 as all that changed was that barrelmancy is abit less hilarious than before. I have the impression that this game will keep its "DoS comedy-spirit" while at the same time trying to be serious and very adult (death of children, Brains ripped, Tadpole-Horror, etc.). And that MIX is making it far more worse that if they stick to either style. And patches and communications so far indicate that this "mix" WILL stay no matter what people say.

So i have a request:
Could you make a special event where people can refund the game for half its price? We all know that you CANT see or get a feel for such a massive game in the 2 Hours period of steam (no matter if EA or not).
It would be a very nice move for the People who bought the game just because of the Name Baldurs Gate (with the logical Expectations behind it based upon the previous titles).
Just refund for HALF the Price. I think there are some people who would deeply appreciate this. Is there any Chance?

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