Let's address this head on. In your first reply, include your age, general yearly income, and job - as my hypothesis is that this is mainly a function of that.

I'll start: 38, $75k, 40 hours a week taking claims for Social Security. I'm also working on getting a PhD in political ideology.

Now, I get the idea of the game being balanced and difficult for a vanilla playthrough at the normal difficulty level - but I've seen so damn many people claiming that if a player is allowed to do this - or that - that it breaks game balance. If this were a multiplayer game where other players doing things that are highly rewarding for them and it was at your expense - such as with a sports game where players will abuse exploits to beat you every time - it would make perfect sense to me. However, when we are all playing single player, why should it bother you if I can mug some noble to get a quick 10,000 gold or steal some magic item that gives a character all 20 stats? If I can save before doing something and grind out a good result, it might not be realistic, but how does it bother you if you don't do it? Why are you obsessed with everyone else playing the game the exact same way you are playing it?

For me, life is a daily grind and I've been playing it at nightmare difficulty for 20 years. I play games as a form of escape from that daily grind and if I'm not playing some MMORPG I am likely to cheat like crazy. It gives a level of control over my temporary reality that I am denied in my daily life - I'm more interested in exploring a game than having any extreme challenge. I don't need frustration added into my life - I've got plenty and all the health problems that come with chronic stress.

So why are people so deadset on everyone else having to experience the same difficulty you enjoy?

Whatever side you are on, post those basics so we can see if there is a pattern.