I'm going to put this here as well in the hopes a Dev sees it !

Firstly, I’d like to start off by saying I’ve spent hundreds of hours on BG 1, BG2, DOS1, and DOS2 (some of these 200+ or more). In addition, I’d also like to say that some of these are understandably work in progress issues (cinematics, balancing issues, lack of mouthing during dialogue etc). Also, I genuinely believe that if there’s a company that could do BG3 properly it would be Larion, which is why I wrote this short story.

Game immersion and noteworthy issues

The main character in dialogue always has the “confident amusement” look.
The dice roles are always too high and offer nothing for ‘animal handling’
Jump still looks too arcadey, as does the mind-connection effects.
Thieves didn’t seem to be very useful. They worked well in dark spaces but otherwise somewhat 2 dimensional and ineffective.
Clerics (at lower lvls at least feel ineffective as buffers). I didn’t keep shadowheart for long so I don’t know how well she scales. It felt more effective to be aggressive with her than buffing.
It feels like cantrips and low lvls skills specifically for mages and warlocks seems to spam one skill. Maybe provide better loading screen suggestions for Disguise self, or other less obvious cantrips. Perhaps some of the cantrips can be ‘bonus actions’.
It feels less immersive when textures and environments effects are loading directly after a the save is loaded (rather than just make the loading screen longer [with more useful in-game tips])
The camera placement during dialogue is often awful. Often gets stuck with walls, textures etc between camera and dialogue character.
The in-game camera in the open world frequently gets stuck behind rocks (especially when exploring fringes of the map). It also occasionally gets stuck under the map or ‘looking up’ at higher elevated characters.
Multiple floored buildings have an absolute horrendous ‘disappearing’ floor thing. Specifically “Waukeen’s Rest inn”. The camera can’t seem to decide if you’re on the first floor, the 2nd floor, or the roof. I even had instances where all characters were on the second floor but looked as if they were walking on thin air because the camera was focusing on the first floor.
Speaking to some companions when others want to speak as well results in other companions in the background (in cinematic) with a yellow question mark above their heads. It looks weird.
It also seems weird that the companions not joining you will gladly wait around camp while they turn into a mind flayer? Maybe they could get supplies of information during the day?
Huge bug in druid grove after saving Halsin where half the druids attacked me while Halsin (big peaceful boss, just chills and watches).
Collision detection needs work. Especially when ogres throw giant rocks. It end up being in you/on you and your character is either half on or inside the rock.
Bodies will scatter/bug out going in multiple directions.
During combat enemies will occasionally not perform their move/turn resulting in waiting for a minute. Sometimes clicking enemy portraits with kickstart the turn faster. This doesn’t happen often but occasionally.
Camp is always the same, generic setting. Even if you camp inside a cave it brings you to the same campsite. (Maybe Larian plans on making it a development or settlement of sorts, it just feels weird camping in a cave and it puts you in a forest.)

Additional (and easy) things to add!

Make ropes useful! It could prevent prone/fall dmg, drop it into a cave, sneak behind enemies.
Stop putting books, lore behind and under things and hard to see places! It makes us have to pick it up to read rather than quick read. “Hotkey cursor read/activate” button?
Jump at enemies! I want my heavy armored tank to jump from a building onto someone. It would be both hilarious and painful.
More XP for non-combat avenues. It sucks to play an RPG where u want to max out your character but this can only be done by killing everything.
Critical hits explode their enemies.
Auto-Dip script option for torches!
Add chromatic orb, maze, time stop, stone to flesh, WISH, chain contingency, horror/fear effects, summons, demons, dimension door (just to name some of the coolest). I’m sure you recognize it but high level spells in BG2 felt thunderous and earth-shattering.

Interface issues and Suggestions

Torches in the toolbar disappear rather than having a main weapon and torch accessible in the toolbar. This makes using a torch SUPER annoying.
Vendoring is notoriously time consuming and slow in BG1,2, DOS1,2. Click/drag to select multiple things at once would be much faster than double clicking each item or right clicking. Another suggestion is simply a hotkey sell button over whichever item the cursor hovers over.
Items in the world should have a hotkey to consume for the cursor rather than right click, consume.
Indicate with a solid border the usable items in inventory or skills that aren’t in the toolbar at the bottom. (It helps figure out what you might want in the toolbar for each character).
A spell which opens indicating multiple lvls can only be closed by double clicking. Add an X in the corner too.

Difficulty Suggestions

“Leaving Camp” should not return you to where you were in the open world. Nearest waypoint only so that you could be waylaid, get attacked, have to work to get back to where you were. It adds importance to waypoints and risk involved for pushing forward over resting.
Maps should not display hidden areas until they are discovered (secret rooms etc).
Permanent death
More volatile relationships between chaotic evil and lawful good characters.

I Llove what you guys are doing, the crazy amount of love and attention to detail. AND
I'd Love it if a Dev could comment (shameless call out for affirmation)
Happy Holidays! <3