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+1 on this suggestion.

The height and backstab advantages are borderline ridiculous in this game and needs to be re-evaluated.

And real life eludes many too.
Do I not gain an advantage if I am on higher ground than you?
Do I not gain an advantage when I come up behind you without you knowing I am behind you then stab or hit you?
Do you not have a disadvantage when trying to hit someone on high ground?
Do you not have a disadvantage due to your limited line of sight?

I could go on and on and on........

All those scenarios are explained in 5E ruleset. There was no reason to modify them since the ruleset is by most accounts, pretty balanced. Larian got lazy and decided to copy paste their combat mechanics from DOS (from what I am reading since I never played that series). Is BG3 based on 5E or not? If it is, then the current mechanics need to be changed. If it's not, then let the fan base know so they can avoid this game like the plague.