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If it's not, then let the fan base know so they can avoid this game like the plague.

What 'fanbase' exactly, the Larian DOS2 fanbase or the DnD 5e literalist fanbase? Yeah.....

As I said, if Larian wants to make DOS3 then by all means they should, it's their right. But they should stop pretending they are trying to follow 5E rules. If you want DOS3, there's nothing wrong with that. Then call this game DOS3: Baldur's Gate. But if they want to emulate 5E rules, then perhaps they should try to follow the rules and not mess with mechanics that break the balance.

So, in all this discussion of removing the inherent advantage of backstab, which is in essence, sneak attack, many of you are ignoring 5e ruleset and simply seeking to neuter the bread and butter of the Rogue class, as well as a possible Assassin class?
Enlighten me if I am mistaken here.