Seems pointless to try and argue the merits of these rebalancing tweaks - those who don't care about 5e rules and imbalanced gameplay...simply don't care. height and 'backstab' are just symptomatic of poorly thought out mechanics which give way too much benefit - there are many others too.

Hopefully larian doesn't ignore the voice of the hordes of 5E players (like me) who bought this game because they wanted a 5E experience that accorded (mostly) with the rules they know and love. The 5e ruleset was touted heavily in this game - it can't simply be neutered/ignored, especially with no good reason. Importing a slew of DOS mechanics (I played DOS1/2 and enjoyed them, but I don't want that experience this time around) breaks balance on so many levels. People have offered constructive critiques on why (for a 5E game) these are bad, and ways of compromising on a soluton to try and keep both 'camps' somewhat happy. But many don't want anything to change, even though this EA and also about testing out gameplay ideas. Weird.