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IMO, anything more than current established party size just makes a game that can already be easily beaten with current established party size a cake walk joke.

This is like asking for a lonewolf mode when the game can already be wrecked with a lone solo character without lonewolf mode......

there are adjustments literally in the Dungeon master guide for adjusting difficulty based on # of party members and knowing larian you'll get your tactical mode of 'totally not gonna savescum every combat encounter' dw dude

also you're talking 100% out of your ass lol, no way you're beating 2 minotaurs with double attack at lvl 5 when you're capped at 4 without barrelmancy or other cheats/exploits when flying solo so go off by all means dude

100% huh? Want links to videos or is your ability to use a search engine still intact? Cause be assured, there are a number of EA BG3 players beating the 2 Minotaurs with solo 'lonewolf' toon's/character's using no cheat/exploits. As the Windmill deep gnome would say, "Ignorance is alive and well, it seems...."

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