Im not a massive computer game player and im also not a Dungeons and Dragons player. I am however, a huge fan of the original Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 and they were one of the few games i have invested lots of time into.

I was very excited to see BG3 being released and stupidly spent 50 odd EUR buying it without much investigation. Up comes the first fight and the mechanics are awful. Despite starting as a fighter after 10 turns on both my character and the female one not 1 hit was registered on the enemy whilst they missed with every hit except spells . Why would I want to hit attack each turn and then wait x amount of time whilst each enemy also has a swing and a miss. Am i missing something or is there a way i an just let melee combat flow until i decide to change something? Even when mages get involved I still would rather let the turns flow smoothly and then pause and give mages an action when I feel the need

It feels nothing like the original games and sadly i believe this will be 50 EUR down the drain. I always enjoyed the original pause system where I could set the actions of each character and let it play out and react..

Really hope that they decide to offer a real-time option some time in the future.