Personally, I do hope that after more of the game becomes available to play, that some of these earlier (and entirely too diffcult) encounters get balanced downwards. The Githyanki patrol is not the only instance where you get slaughtered by foes that are too overpowered for when you naturally run into them just playing through the story.

If Larian wants me to sneak my way through the game, always scouting ahead to only then just blow everyone up, fine. But triple the amount of oil barrels available and replace all of the random food that one typically finds all over the map with healing potions and scrolls of revival.

In Dragon Age: Origins there was really tough high dragon fight fairly early in the game (the quest with the cultists) where that beast could pretty much wipe out your party in short order, but often due to the amount of healing elixirs and dog bones that I had amassed by that point, I never had any problems killing it on hard settings by keeping myself (as any class) alive with healing potions and using my Dog as a tank by continuously feeding him bones. It would take a while, but very doable. This game needs a bit of that kind of love!

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