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Ahem... did you notice that Lae'zel is actually an evil zealot and when she talks about "purification" everyone feels unconfortable? She also knows less than she think she does and assumes things that are not actually true. As for your "problem", in RPGs some areas/encounters are more difficult than others and you should not expect to be able to win every fight because you just want to do so. The fight with the Gityanki is quite challenging if you try to take them when you are level 2 (not impossible if you know how to place yourself and how to use explosives). It becomes quite easy when you get to level 4.

Suggesting the game should scale down difficulty of encounters based on what you want to do, so you have an easy time suceeding (because that's fun in your opinion) is just not what this game needs imo.

The game doesn't need to scale down the difficulty of encounters, but it shouldn't be trying to railroad you into a fight like that. A lot of this game is "easy" if you cheese things, like explosive stacking, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a flaw in the presentation of story for you to get pressured into this Gith fight which will destroy you if you're not already prepared for it. Seriously, the way it's presented, most people are strongly encouraged to listen to Lae'zel. She's featured prominently on the artwork, she's the only other character you cooperate with on the Nautiloid, she's knowledgeable about this problem you all have and she's constantly hounding you to go find the creche. Then other companions even back her up at some points, saying things like you can't afford to not try it or you've exhausted other options, etc., you just get so much pressure to go find this Gith patrol it practically railroads you into it and it does so early.