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You can see them from far away, they have a dragon and they are lv 5. You do not need to be a genius to find out that it is a bad idea to engage them with a lv3 char with bad equipment.

In the final game it will be possible to be lv5 at this point. Then you get a second attack or lv3 spells.
Then it will be relatively easy.

It is GOOD that you can run into things that are too hard for you. This way you can feel really good when you come back later and beat them.

PS: In BG1+2 you could also run into encounters that are too hard for you.
Just a reminder for those who complain that this game is too easy and too different from BG1+2.

It's not the encounter itself so much as the way the game leads you right into it. You're coming at it from the perspective of a seasoned player who understands the world and lore of Faerun, I'm thinking of somebody whose first encounter with the universe is this game who has no experience at all. That's not to say that the entire game should cater to them, but the narrative clearly leads you right into that fight when you're not ready for it.