And they don't present them as a possibly threat. Laezel the whole time is like, "yo those are my peeps, we're solid" and then poof, possible blind side ass kicking. Maybe if Larian can add more companion lines to chime in and be like "hey maybe we should play ball, because they look like they'll kick out teeth in".

You are right tho, a big scary red dragon does kind of give you a hint hint. But when the player approaches the scene, it's not at all consider a threating situation to you and your group. Larian had several instances of this too in DoS2. Just casual patches that could lead you to an ass kicking and forcing players to have to reload and reconsider their patches ways.

I think in Witcher, their are some good examples of this in where if you choose a bad dialog option. You don't fight the doomed fight, you just out right get a cutscene and die. I would much like that more then getting pitted in nearly impossible fights. I dont want to feel lucky in a impossible fight, I want to feel tested.