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But yes the phase spiders and the gith knights battle is a complete off shoot that will require you to be just right for the situation, really really lucky, or be good at barrelmancery and cheese tactics.

Ironic how you left out 'or just being good and knowing your class and what it can do'.....
Why oh why do most always resort to the lame tired excuse of 'lucky,' or 'good at barrelmancy' or 'using cheese tactics and exploits'......?

Yeah, whatever...funny how some are wrecking those encounters with a single lone character....with no problems?
Example: --->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhXDwcSYLWY&t=33s<--

Go figure, huh?

Thanks for the perfect example how Larian messed up the combat system. The crazy Larian grenades and weapon abilities are barrelmancy too, not to mention how they litter the world with higher level items.

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