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Thanks for the perfect example how Larian messed up the combat system. Dipping and the crazy Larian grenades are barrelmancy too

And I can see that you utterly fail at viewing a simple video which should none of what you described, simply a player knowing his class, utilizing the items obtained in the game and WRECKING the Gith patrol, in ONE turn.
Hmm, learn to play maybe?

Items which so do not exist in D&D and are only there because Larian has no idea about D&D combat (Sword with Cleave) -> Barrelmancy. As are their grenades.
The Wyvern Poison is 1250 gold and should not be available at that lever, but again Larian fails.

Would be good if you managed to read some rules first (or let someone read them to you if you need) before pretending to know whats going on.

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