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It's not the encounter itself so much as the way the game leads you right into it. You're coming at it from the perspective of a seasoned player who understands the world and lore of Faerun, I'm thinking of somebody whose first encounter with the universe is this game who has no experience at all. That's not to say that the entire game should cater to them, but the narrative clearly leads you right into that fight when you're not ready for it.


This is not really a " Buu huu huu I couldn't win ONE FIGHT even though I really, really wanted to " is it?
I do not even remember what level my group had the first time I walked up to this Gith bastards.
Mostly I remember how much I did not wanted to approach at all because the Dragons stats induced a fear effect all by itself. grin

I also remember that I first-tried this son's of bitches also.
Without barrels even. Maybe I got lucky, I dunno.

Yeah this battle is much harder as all the others at least on the surface.
But that is okay - because the Gith, as wretched as they are, are supposed to be Elite fighters.
They are trained like Spartans from an early age on, they have very good technology and gear and they respect nothing but constant vigilance.

There are other crushing encounters out there.

° Minotaur WWF wrestler!
° The ambush-Beholder
° The Landshark too can hit quite hard

And there are also so many fights that can be won even with the worst start-up of all.
So what is even the deal with ONE TOUGH FIGHT?
Please let the Giths be a tough battle.

Feels only that much more rewarding to crush them for it.