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Thanks for the perfect example how Larian messed up the combat system. Dipping and the crazy Larian grenades are barrelmancy too

And I can see that you utterly fail at viewing a simple video which should none of what you described, simply a player knowing his class, utilizing the items obtained in the game and WRECKING the Gith patrol, in ONE turn.
Hmm, learn to play maybe?
Lol that was the most cheese video I've ever seen in my life! That is the most solid video of someone who has save scummed that fight to record their perfect fight!

The whole point of this thread was that the game casually leads you to battles that will kick your ass. Getting gud is not stacking all the odds in your favor for an ambush, on an event that you don't know will result on an ambush. The player in the video knows exactly everything that goes down and just played to ambush a story event of the game. Of course if you plan it all out like that, you will have the advantage. But who in all the ever first playthroughs of this game has thought. "Oh its those gith dudes Laezel has been looking to talk to...better stack my shit up and ambush them".

Seriously dude you proved our point.