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I think you ignored the actual problem as stated, which is the game is set up to strongly encourage you to do this fight before you'd be ready. They need to either have Lae'zel back off a bit with this shit or have her come in after you get more chances to level.
I never recall single situation when Lae'zel encourages you to fight them ... can you remind me?

There is a lot of signs that talking to them may not be exactly the best idea ... if you choose to ignore them, that is up to you. :-/ Aswell as bring whole your party with you, instead of prepare some backup "just in case" ...
And one more thing, for charisma based characters its quite easy even on level 3 (and since there is no stat-incerasing before level 4 ... therefore even on level 1) to talk out of this situation, if you try at least a bit.

But there certainly is at least one thing that Larian certainly should concider about this encounter ...
And its autosave right after dragon arives, just before Lae'zel leaves you. laugh

Vive et vivant. wink