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That fight was definitely not appropriate for this level - especially since they were getting three attacks per go. On level 4, without cheating, I barely survived and that was only because I was able to take out enough of them early on and the remainders kept focusing on rekilling my custom character after Shadowheart downed her - and Laezel happened to have mistystep that allowed her to barely kill the stragglers. Then I had the issue with Gale killing us all with his dead body and we couldn't actually take the pouch from his heart.

I had to re-do that battle several times and we still got our arses handed to us on a platinum platter. Couldn't figure out how they were getting multiple attacks each to our one attack each. And what really got me is how they were connecting and killing Shadowheart who has a 19 AC and used shield of Faith which is +2 AC for a total of 21 and they were killing her as if she had nothing on? They couldn't have been that lucky to kill her like that there and they didn't even have + weapons.