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Occasionally running into fights which aren't winnable at your current level is fun, but I'm sure there will be adjustable difficultly levels for those who disagree.

How is running into fights that aren't winnable no matter what you do fun? Like with the Matriarch spiders for example with there HP they are equal to a 12th level fighter and we're cut off at 4th level
Because as you can see, no one else here is having those problems. Ive played several play throughs, if I ever had an issue I learned from it and applied my knowledge to try a better route or solution. Its called playing a game. I dont expect games to hold my hand I expect them to challenge me. There are multiple routes you can take the game, it does not force you to go in one direction. Just because you chose to follow that route doesnt make it a problem with the design. If anything they should increase the difficulty in this game. It holds your hand and practically begs you to exploit it.