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Please dont dumb down the game for people who can't challenge themselves and use their brain power to solve problems.

Let me guess you were able to kill the two matriarchs in the one area to get the amethyst? The two that have over 100 hp each not counting all the other spiders

The first time I fought the spider, It was very difficult and time consuming and I won.

The second time I played against the spider I knew what to look out for and I examined the creature prior and took notes and prepared properly for battle. It sounds like you arent preparing properly and expecting to win battles based on superior leveling. This isnt skyrim. You have to properly prep and use different weapons based on the enemies resistances, use candles to light your weapons on fire, bless your party, save and use scrolls for buffs so they dont take from your spell slots, cast any buffs that are not concentration required or that can be recharged with a short rest, armor buff the caster who blessed your party or who used any concentration spells, short rest after buffsx, split up your party members and take multiple routes, drink poison resistance potions, remember to light up the enemies for better vision or cast vision buffs on your party members, and surprise attack while other party members are all hidden and separate from eachother. Then use each to join the fight one by one for their own initiative and first attack. These are all just options you can take to get better advantage towards an enemy before you fight them and you don't have to use all of them to win.

This isnt hack and slash. You should spend time learning how to get better and not try to change the game to suit a lazy playstyle. If you dont like playing methodical and using strategy to win difficult battles then its probably a deal breaker and this isnt the game for you.

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