Not really seeing much improvement, in fact, I see that now if the AI cheats and you refuse to allow it and reload the last save, you automatically become a god and the fight switches from fighting a cheating tyrant to fighting a total wimp. for anyone who doesnt understand that, if you reload when you are losing a fight you get an automatic win to advance the game. so instead of actually fixing the AI we get the lazy approach. This game claims to have a world u can interact with, when actually it is just a few added trinkets. example; you can light a torch from the eternal fire of the landscape, but you cant use that torch to light a brazier you can only reach by standing on a crate, and u cant set fire to wooden boxes and barrels unless u waste a spell. and when u do use a spell, or grease bomb, the wood completely burns up in 60 secs, no matter how big the pile. my so called wizard learned a spell he shouldnt be able to learn called "animal freindship" that doesnt work on guard dogs. oh, and the vampire being friendly? you obviously watched too much vampire diaries. they r undead also, so even if he could be my friend, no other lower ranking undead would be able to attack us, in fact, they would be controlled by astarion and therefore would be fighting for my team. I could go on for hours, but whats the point. I bought this game because it claimed to follow D&D 5e ruleset, and that couldnt be futher from the truth. But I liked it better before the fixes. If only someone would come along who can actually build a random number generator that really did mimic rolling dice.

P.S. can I have my 60 bucks back?