I don't think the game is too hard or should warn you more - I think Lae'zel really doesn't come off as smart or trustworthy. And if its just about the Gith fight - ok, you have a moment where you get your lecture in - "You are a nobody, there are more powerful things than you." I'm fine with that.

My issue though is that it doesn't play the way you would expect a D&D game to play. I finished pretty much every battle in the game, no barrelmancy at all (only enemies used them against me), no grenades at all (only enemies used them against me), but I did use stealth to pick the fights on my term. I did constantly shove people. Race to the top was a thing in the game. In short, it barely mattered who I was using, from heavy armored Lae'zel to my ranger they all constantly sneaked and attacked someone first. If there was a conversation, my party was split up, already in position (sneaking) to kill people I was talking to because the game expects this 'tactics' and is build around them. So yeah, many incounters can be trivial - minotaurs? Sneaky archer that they can't find. Also there is the invisible mage pushing a 1000 pound minotaur of the cliff. People are calling it plaiyng smart - and while I love tactics and strategy games and I can truely appreciate smart solutions this doesn't feel like playing a game, it does feel like abusing systems.

So I don't mind though encounters, but to me the combat gameplay, pretty much the same way I hated it in DOS2, is off. It has no flow, you either know the combat and its ridicolously easy or you don't know the encounter before you and likely you get your ass kicked. To me DOS2 and BG3 are games thriving in metagaming, but utterly lacking in the suposed gameplay as its presented to the user itself.