Main character is a lolth-sworn drow warlock.
Previously helped the hoblin Sazza escape.
Then later stole the druid idol for Mol which kicked off Druids Vs Tieflings.
Finally Sazza gave Minthara location of druid grove resulting in goblin raid.
Informed Zavlor we were switching sides and joining The Absolute and participated in the slaughter of the remaining teiflings (the druids were already dead.)

Here comes the bug:

Journal says:

Raid The Grove. Return to Minthara. Tieflings and druids alike lay dead. The Grove belongs to The absolute. Minthara will be pleased.

Speaking to Minthara, I get the dialogue:
"There are more! Hunt them down!"

And that's it.

Now I'm pretty sure everbody's dead (Everbody. Is. Dead. Dave) but the quest does not acknowledge this.

So I guess that's the end of the evil quest run.

I've seen other threads reporting this from October/November 2020 so just adding to the to-do list. This has still not been fixed/patched as of 26/12/20.