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But then I learned how this game altered combat so I got rid of Gale and everyone carries crossbows with special arrows along with jump and misty step spells or scrolls. There’s nothing right now currently I can’t destroy.

THAT is my issue with the game. Not difficulty, but THAT. You ain't playing 5e no more, you are playing D&DOS. Even though I didn't use the same specific approach, but I definitely didn't use an approach based on D&D knowledge. Sure spells are from D&D, but they were just deco and fillers in between advantage, stealth-abuse, bonus-action-economy,...

It’s my issue as well but the people who love Larian will say otherwise.

That being said, it should be interesting to test a fighter at level 5. Extra attack with action surge. Fire off a fire, acid, ice, lightning arrow from my longbow. Tiamat got nothing on me.