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How is running into fights that aren't winnable no matter what
That is the thing ...
There isnt such fight in game curently ... yes some are tough, and yes some require player to use head differently than smash your oponent with it ... but every SITUATION is solveable, even if that mean simply walk away and return later. :P

Well, let's see the Matriarch spiders killed 4th level Shadowheart with a 21 ac in 2 hits how is that there even possible? After all they don't even have + weapons and believe me I tried everything including oil barrels and fire

This game is ridiculously cheeseable. I feel like if you're willing to spend enough time on a fight, there's nothing that can't be beaten. I decided to see what the minimum I could beat the phase spiders with. I snuck to the Whispering Depths waypoint with level 2 Astarion. Then I sent in just level 2 Lae'zel. I hid behind the column near the waypoint, and repeatedly cast Githyanki Psyonics:Mage Hand. I hid after casting it each time. It starts off invisible, and not in combat, so you can put it in whatever advantageous position you want before taking action. You usually get surprise, so you get two shoves and a throw before the mage hand is killed. You can throw spiderlings, you have a 45% chance to shove spiders, and a 10% chance to shove the matriarch. You can throw spiderlings into the web that the matriarch stands on, each time you cause the matriarch to fall it causes 25% damage. I killed every spider and spiderling in that area within 90 minutes, and had the Matriarch down to 46 hp before I sent in the rest of my characters to finish it off .

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