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I think what I miss about the Real Time approach is the playpace. It just felt more action oriented and faster. I think that also contributed to the sense of scale, since there were just more encounters out of necessity, because you blew through them faster. Basically the obsessive pausing only came into it with the boss-like fights, or in the opening salvo/ambush. There was something extremely satisfying though about issuing simultaneous commands, hitting the the spacebar, and then watching everyone light it up at once. Full TB while closer to the table, definitely makes for a different feel in that department. Its just a shame they couldn't find a way to include both in the same game. I wish I cruise around and dungeon crawl and handle the mini mobs in real time, and then switch to turn based on the fly if desired like for the more climactic story driven battles. But I don't think there are nearly enough encounters in this game to support a real time mode right now, and they would probably feel like it goes against their design to do an RTS type mode. But that was definitely part of BG, the rush