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Glut raised dead zombie army for the win.

Create character, fast track them to Underdark, then fast track them to Myconid Colony, talk to Sovereign, recruit Glut, go raise all the dead bodies laying around (latest vid I seen, you can get 16-17 raised), then go trash Minos, Bulette, and Spectator = game over.

Larian not fixed this broken arse crap yet? At least limit the number that can be raised, but yeah, even with a raised undead limitation of say 3-5, walking around with 2 Minos, Bulette, and a Spectator/Matriarch = game over. GG, Larian, wtg.

Good grief.

I think they tried to fix him. He doesn't have Raise Dead via Spores anymore. He only has Animating Spores. I think it's supposed to have a raise limit of one, but if you dismiss Glut and invite him with a different character, you can attach one raised creature per character. However, Ghekh Coal's Animate Dead doesn't have a limit(though he loses Animate Dead after a save load), and if you get him a big portrait, by getting him engaged in combat and using a door with the character he is attached to, then camp, all his raised dead will be individually controllable and turn back to their original forms.
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