Oh, don't get me wrong, I would love to see or work on a game without bugs, no clipping and all of these fine things laugh Just saying I wouldn't expect those animations fixes to be a high priority at this point - and as you write, you understand that and they will be dealt with in due time. To be honest I simply underestimated your willingness to properly report it while underestanding it takes time. In this case its just commandable and I have to apologize, I thought you mistook the current state of halfling animations as a sign of neglect rather than a reasonable workflow for the team. As harsh as it may sound any additional rig a team adds it usually has for all fixes a lower priority than the main ones, simply because you start with the most used ones.

The reason I mentioned the proportions was less to encourage you to write more about it, just to point out that if that isn't addressed rather soonish it might be a bad sign to it being changed at all. Sure I can be a lower priority for the team while it is still planned, but as proportions affect not soley animations but all customisation options, clothing assets, things like that it make sense to be corrected before you morph all assets to the body. So the later they go about it the more work it will be and the less inclined the team will be (as it also mean risk for additional bugs). Most of the times the tools to transfer armor/clothing from one body to another do speed up the process, but it does often require additional manual work, skinning corrections.. so yeah, it was just something I mentioned to keep expectations realistic.

By the way, as someone working in exactly this field (=3d characters) in a team of several hundred people I can really appreciate the analogy with the bricks wink But you start laying bricks at the fundament and not 2nd floor. Finishing the 2nd floor while the first is unstable can be a waste of time and we all know that game dev isn't know for huge buffers in planning wink This is true for the production though and it doesn't mean that keeping the vision alive isn't important, so as some who is really found of his QA collegues I really appreciate the work that you put in for the Larian team and I bet they as well.