From someone that has never played BG 1 & 2, Divinity, Dragon Age or whichever other game I saw people linking BG3 to, this game feels absolutely fantastic and promising. It's EA, of course, so there's always room for improvement but I gotta admit I haven't been this hooked in a video game since The Witcher 3. I'm really enjoying the writing and direction the story is going so far. Oh, and the characters - I haven't been this interested in fictional characters since I was what? 16? I love this feeling of hype. Not to be cheesy with 'omg this cured my depression' but damn I missed feeling this excited about anything.

My only complaints are about things that will probably be optimized or fixed in the full launch, such as failing a hit at 96% or enemies shooting through walls. I honestly like the cinematic aspect of the game; it's immersive. It's probably one of the reasons I'm so hooked.