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Balance is terrible, so is the difficulty = another excuse that rivals 'poor design' excuses I have read.

Strange how some of us that play and test 'lonewolf' characters (i.e.: one character and one character only) can wreck everything in the game, and do so, without any use of confirmed exploits, cheesing, etc.....simply by using the mechanics given in the intiative turn-based game, and yet, there are a whole load of you that run full parties, want real time mode, and get full party wrecked when a crew of goblins or gnolls sneeze in your parties direction.

Worst argument? Apparently, many things escape you especially the point I was making, that being, if your getting your butt handed to you in turn based combat, what makes your continued party wipes not anymore hilarious in a real time mode? In other words, your getting full party wiped in turn-based mode, what makes you think that your not going to continue to get hilariously full party wiped in a real time mode? LMAO. Einstein's parable of Quantum Insanity comes to mind here.

Yeah so strange... You're probably so good at the game !

You are cheesing the rules... as everyone playing lone wolf. Every Larian mechanics cheese the D&D rules.

The terrible balance and difficulty is a fact.
It doesn't mean that the game is too hard or too easy... This game is both at the same time depending if you cheese D&D or not...

RTWP is not harder than TB... You just can't handle it (or you don't like it). Many TB games are harder than RTWP for those who can manage time during combats.

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