Astarion friendly? Maybe I have different ideas on what friendly is, and all over the dialogues it's obvious that unless an evil path he aims to control the tadpole, gain powers from it, and he shows, also, his love for massacre and violence. So I don't get how he can be called "friendly vampire".

Save/reload you use it? Your choice. Don't blame it on the chance to use it. This games is flexible enough to grant a satisfiing run both to hard core players (it doesn't require an iron will to avoid exploiting barrels, heights, save/reload, and I affirm that as a man with a serious weak will) and to players that want a fun ride (I apply my energies in searching strategies, finding the best ways to manage with problems, in my job, in real life I have plenty of situations when my choices mean, or meant, a loss or a defeat, so in a game I want a secure win. Still I avoid using barrels, I prefer to overpower the enemies so I do the run in a way i can raise levels enough to be able to kill the bosses easily).

I'm appalled whenever I read a complain not about the numerous bugs of the game but about the freedom of choice. As I said I am not strongwilled, still I am able to make playstyle choices.

For once I don't ever choose the violent or harsh dialogue option. Still I don't create a post complaining because there is that choice.

It's a game, the choices to be made don't are ones that require an iron will.

Furthermore I'm ablazed of the individualism (the is near egocentrism) of many claims. I as a player don't like the possibility of doing something? Then automatically that is wron because I'm unable to understand that being this a single player game the choices that ruin my experience are mine and mine alone, let's take it out on the game and asks for an environment that fullfill my own personal and individual point of view of what a satisfiing playstyle should be.

Were the options that enflame such despise not optional but forced on a player I'd agree on making them, well, optional. But they aren't, no ones forces a player to have Astarion in the party (in my current play I surrendered him to the monster hunter), you can refuse to sex up the party members (in this case, though, I have to agree with the claims on the herosexuality and the fact that the proposals are forced, my current Tav is straight and din't flirt with Will or Gale still they proposed a night of passion in the bunk), you can avoid the use of barrels, you can avoid save and reload, you can ignore heights advantage, you can even do a solo run.

So I don't understand such claims unless I consider them a different form of laziness, while I'm lazy and prone to use whatever makes a game easier (oh how much I love playthroughs in the web), there are other whose laziness relies in the inability to deal with the temptation of choices (and what strong temptations they are! Life changing, so important and difficult to manage they require training of willpower!).