Implementing well proportioned (homogeneous) Halflings and Gnomes would be a walk in the park for Larian Studios.
Example of a in-game Goblin Child
Example of some in-game Tiefling Children

However, there can be some serious legal ramifications down the road by doing so. Larian Studios have already pushed (very bravely) the limits to the extreme with optional in-game child killing. Now imagine if the in-game Halflings and Gnomes where "well proportioned" (child-like) and how media (narrow-minded reviewers and players) would react with that in combination with the "explicit romances".

From a personal standpoint, I find the current Halflings (and Gnomes) to be "grotesque/hideous". I would rather play a Goblin, and hope Larian Studios officially down the road implement that. Until then:
Playable Goblins

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