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You are cheesing the rules... as everyone playing lone wolf. Every Larian mechanics cheese the D&D rules.

You don't know whether I am 'chessing the rules' or not cause 1) you to lazy to search Youtube for SOLO BG3 videos and see if someone is 'cheesing the rules' and 2) you got your hands full not getting party wiped in your EA BG3 turn-based encounters.

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The terrible balance and difficulty is a fact.

Apparently, a 'fact' these days is relative to user. If players are wrecking the game both with full party and solo, 'terrible balance and difficulty' becomes nothing more than an EXCUSE for playing poorly or just straight out sucking at the game.

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Not a fact either that you need to get good?

610+ hours playing solo, lone characters and wrecking the game doing it with ONE SOLO CHARACTER while you are no doubt still struggling to overcome being party wiped by Gobbos and Gnolls......

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It doesn't mean that the game is too hard or too easy... This game is both at the same time depending if you cheese D&D or not...

Here we go again with the 'cheese' excuse(s). Apparently, no one can be successful or beat this game unless one cheeses, huh?

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RTWP is not harder than TB... You just can't handle it (or you don't like it). Many TB games are harder than RTWP for those who can manage time during combats.

Ahhh, now we get to the heart of the matter. You want RTWP because it is easier than turn-based mode. Got it. Sucks to be you, doesn't it?

Ok MR pretentious and condescending.
You're the best of the world !

Maybe you should read a bit more and play a bit less before trying to bring arguments in a discussion you don't understand.

Everyone playing lonewolf use a few cheesy Larian's custom mechanics wink

EDIT : then I think about it and I finally decide not to let you with your confusion.

I read another thread in which you talked about Sin Tee.

This.guy :
- use the lolz 5D6 poison
- drop the candle free to dip it's weapons when he's engaged
- use the backstab advantage, meaning a GWM feats way top OP at lvl 4.
- use the jump to easy disengage and backstab
- use the highground advantages
- use barrels
- cheat the hide
- etc...

That's fine, that's how the game work at the moment and how it comes from "hard" to "very easy"... But keep in mind that his video are named "early access".
Lots of these things will probably be reworked... Read feedbacks, that's what players asked for the sake of D&D and for the sake of GOOD combats.

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