I usually dont mind if videogame dev deviates from source material because some thing indeed could work better in videogame, but atm im not convinced and fun is relative. For me, fun in a tactical turn based game is the need to carefully position my party members so i dont get attack of opportunities, or my wizad is not surrounded (and i cannot just jump away), i need to use class-specific, diverse actions and combat stays tense and exciting on long term (bg3 has huge potential but some actions like hide and shove atm are an every-class, every-round spam), resource planning before the fight (maybe its my problem but if i can refill anytime with a long rest my mind simply doesnt care about this part and challenge is gone) and clever enemy AI behaviour (where it needs to be clever, i dont expect goblins do too smart tactics).
I think this game could benefit from alternative game rules modes to choose from, with small but meaningful changes to some of the core mechanics. They cannot satisfy everyone and yes there will be mods but this is a flagship game of dnd atm, they need to at least keep an eye on the hardcore RPG community's feedback. And i have the feeling they do (i believe they are a great company who really listens to the fanbase), so fingers crossed for a balance patch in the near future.