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Minthara is too much. Ordering the slaughter of innocent refugees is one thing, but when I find you trying to kill me and your defence is "I would totally have married you in another life but god said no." that's just a huge red flag. The whole Bond movie sleeping-with-then-killing-me I get, goes with the territory. But you need to slow down on the concubine talk, even if it's just speculative. We literally just met each other.

She said that she saw enough when you opened your mind, we don't know how much she saw but it could be a Lot. The only problem, like I said previously, she seems to like you regardless of your personality, regardless of any choices you've made.

Yeah, the relations I've had with her are still too quick and too shallow. I'm sure they'll punch the character up in terms of both dialogue and visuals, but she's really not in the same league as Lae and SH. We have our evils, and Karlach's the most likely next companion, and her whole "Gonna paint Baldur's Gate red with the blood of those who wronged me" doesn't strike me as all that light side of the Force. Can we get a female Dale Cooper or something?