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Yes, indeed, Maximuuus, its called using the tools that have been given you to succeed. Duh.
Learn. To. Play. And. Get. Good.

D&D is supposed to be the tool of BG3 wink
Nothing in this video belongs to D&D, but I guess you just don't know a thing about it.

wow, probably because it's a game? you dnd fans here have forgotten one important thing, this is a video game, and video games are not only played by dnd players. you forget that some people have never played dnd at all and don't know what it is, but still play role-playing games. that's why, it's quite possible that for a video game, it's not that important.

surely Larian will take some wishes and change some mechanics (they have already done this at some points), but cry because we dont have of the cycle of day and night???? my God...

I don't speak english well, but I try my best. Ty