I could not agree with you more.
I could not stand the rogue character and refused to use him. Who the hell thought it was a good Idea to have him attack the main character? I played 4 playthroughs and could not bring myself to play with him for more than a level. I only used him once just to see if he would get better.
The best part was turning him over to the hunter.

I could not stand the MU either. Also, he suked! Constantly dying.
I hated his "Do this if I die" crap as well and did not do it and left him to rot.

The Gith and the Cleric were not as bad. The warlock was lame but not as offensive as the MU.

Through most of the back story of these three I couldn't care less about their stories and had no desire to do any quest they had.

100% agree with the OP