I think there have been many things pointed out that contradict and hinder the DnD ruleset in this thread, but let's not think about that and just yell the killer argument "gEt goOd At iT!!!". One could wonder how humanity ever came so far. Why would you want to hunt with a spear, bow or traps? Just get good at hunting bare handed!

I also don't see the point being made that not every player is a DnD veteran. So what? So is not every DnD player. Afaik people starting playing DnD are neither born DnD veterans nor have they studied hundreds of pages of reference material to prepare themselves. They are just new to it and start playing and get everything explained and taught to them on the go. Same you can do in a video game with (good) tutorials.

But back to topic: +1

You can make fun additions to an existing game system such as DnD that enhance it or you can make additions that contradict it. As stated many times already the dipping mechanic makes zero sense and just bloats the system even more by unneccesarilly adding elemtal damage to your weapon for zero costs and making it spamable. It doesn't enhance the player's experience the same way it hinders and contradicts the already existing DnD rules and diminishes many spells and effects of many items. Why should I feel lucky for finding this flaming sword when all it does is just saving me the time of dipping my regular longsword in a torch for a second? There are many more things already mentioned that Larian added (or took from DOS 2) that might look interesting at first glance but fall apart quickly when you compare them to the existing rules and mechanics of DnD. These issues will only get much more obvious the more content gets added to the game, such as classes, spells, items and so on.

And I'm not saying this as a "DnD elitist" or "hardcore PnP player". I only have a basic understanding of DnD, not having played an actual pen & paper game, but having played many RPGs and being interested in things like game design.