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What's wrong with that video? I think it's an excellent of example of what you can do with this game and how to make the mechanics work to maximum advantage for you. A couple of things in there I hadn't thought of yet. Good stuff. Cheers.

It perfectly show how bad, silly and/or cheesy the combats mechanics are in a supposed D&D game smile

Maximuuus, given the amount of times you have been full party wrecked up there by those Windmill gobbos, surely, at least once, you have talked with the deep gnome? Accordingly, as the deep gnome indicates, 'Ignorance is alive and well, so it seems.'

I can assure you and others this: No matter how Larian changes this game, no matter how much Larian pivots and caters to the DnD 5e literalists (to their detriment I might add), no matter what Larian does, when the game is fully released, us old DOS2 solo players will SOLO wreck the entirety of the BG3 game, whether it remains turn-based mode or becomes a pause fest real time game mode. Undeniable. Fact. Period. All the while, you and others will continue to thrive on these forums bringing up idiotic BS, asserting the game is not strictly and fully DnD 5e despite Larian having creative license, asserting the game is too difficult, and getting repeatedly full party wiped.....

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