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What's wrong with that video? I think it's an excellent of example of what you can do with this game and how to make the mechanics work to maximum advantage for you. A couple of things in there I hadn't thought of yet. Good stuff. Cheers.

It perfectly show how bad, silly and/or cheesy the combats mechanics are in a supposed D&D game smile
That's not how I saw it. Alot of thought and a deep understanding of the games combat mechanics went into developing those tactics. By what metric are you decreeing them silly or cheesy? I mean he isn't just throwing barrels around and lighting them up.

He's making use of many different mechanics simultaneously and using them in the most advantageous manner, including maneuver, surprise, advantage, positioning, his own action economy, dipping, etc etc. I mean, it might not be your thing, but I don't see how you can deny the guy knows what he's doing with the game, and how to make the most of it.

Oh yeah you're free to think dipping weapons in a candle is not silly. You're also free to think it's not cheesy to jump and disengage as an action bonus to have an advantage from backstab etc etc...

You're free to think and enjoy what you want, no problem... but that doesn't change the fact that Larian implemented a few rules that are totally OP in comparison of the MANY possibilities offered by D&D !

But anyway you're also free to like more a game in which every characters and every combats is nearly played the same with a very limited numbers of mechanics instead of the variety and the balance of something that exist for 6 years (if I'm not wrong), that had been tested by thousands of players and that is played by millions all arround the world.

PS : I'm glad you enjoy playing with a solo character bullse. You're so powerfull, you DoS2 players (I suspected it^^)

Ahh. I'm beginning to see how we are viewing things differently. You are judging the action itself(i.e. the act of dipping a sword in a candle to heat a sword blade up, which I agree, would not really work...unless said candle was actually a blowtorch), while I am viewing it through the lens of what the action does for the player mechanically, the advantage it gives him, and the way he stacks those advantages in a way that maximizes his combat advantages.

Likewise jumping over someone's head to somehow gain a backstab advantage is on the face of it, pretty silly. However, nearly all video games ask you to check reality at the door in some sense or the other, and for me that video was much less about the actual mechanics in play, and much more about what the player did with them to gain maximum benefit from them. That was what I found impressive.

I'm also not comparing them to any outside source, such as the D&D rules because I don't see the relevance. It's a tabletop game, this is a video game. Two different worlds to me, so it doesn't bother me if the developers want to flip it around and change it up.