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You people are awfull ...

Too many traps > immersion breaking.
Not enough traps > immersion breaking.
Wrong kind of traps > immersion breaking.

That so? grin
Well what can I say about the actual immersion I feel involving the concept of traps? =)
There must never be too much of the same type - and I think Larian kinda understood this principle.
A lot of different kind of traps are in the game used by different factions and I like that a lot.

BUT wink
I find it wierd that a bunch of lowlevel people like tollkeepers ( and yeah sorry they are lowlevel from what I've seen in Fae'run )
has a cellar full of traps as if they would be some kind of powerful "dungeon masters".
That was the only instance that felt immersion breaking.

In my emotional field they are on the level of Farmers and would a Farmer have a cellar full of a very "high tech" trap-system by Fae'run standarts?
The two thrones opening a wall puzzle, that felt okay just so, but this trapsystem?
Come on. ; )
As if.
A lone tollhouse in the middle of nowwhere, with something that high in technological maintainance standarts.

In a place like that I would expect more consumable kind of traps. Like a one-bolt crossbow bolt out from a wall, or something like that.
But not something so grand like a "gas-carpet system" wide enough to cover several room at once. grin

I bet Volo too can summon Elminster at any time to defend him! <- This is how I felt about the tollhouses defenses. It was too grande FOR THIS COMMONER RABBLE. "Rchhh'pfüh!" grin