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I'm also not comparing them to any outside source, such as the D&D rules because I don't see the relevance. It's a tabletop game, this is a video game. Two different worlds to me, so it doesn't bother me if the developers want to flip it around and change it up.

I don't really care if they add a few cool things... But many of those things aren't cool and totally devalue everything else.

There are many great threads that explain why their decisions completely broke the rules they claimed to implement "as much as possible"... Because yes, this game is a D&D game so I'm waiting for a D&D experience (I already had to forget about a Baldur's Gate game).

I'm not a P&P player but I love most D&D's video games and lots of them are legendary RPG... (That's not a personnal though).
Trusting D&D usualy leads to unforgettable video games... A D&D game with a taste of Larian should probably too... but at the moment many things are totally Larian's.custom mechanics with a taste of D&D, especially in combats.

Their custom rules are so OP in comparison of D&D that we have poor combats totally determined by (and balanced arround) their few homebrew rules.

Why do you think this normal game mode is a nightmare for some players while it's very too easy to others ?
Answer : Because you can't properly balance combats around two systems that are completely unbalanced between them.

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