I have the feeling Larian simply lacks the skillset to make engaging low level and simplistic content. And its something that definitely can be done, you don't need all superheroes combined to make something interesting. They always graps for the 'exciting' and 'uncommon' for anything they have been doing in this game. At the same time starting at a higher level would mean more development work for them (just think EA only having the game ready for 4 levels per class top and this would be not even enough to truely represent the origin characters - yeah, yeah, I know tadpole makes them weaker - doesn't sound at all like the cheapest ass excuse to make up for the discrepancy between lore and game), but it would also be a bad introduction to the story and especially for new players (face it most players won't have played BG1&2 or even D&D).

I don't think this is going to be addressed by Larian. I don't think they can change the story at this point and actually the leveling speed is probably the only thing I liked about BG3 besides art. It gives the right amount of leveling to quickly adjust your character. Once more classes are available and you add multiclassing it would be a interesting system to develop your characters in game. I really don't need a D&D game going for level 20... the best parts of D&D to me are up to level ~12... and once I kick out the origin characters and replace them with a custom party, I will have a lot less issues with this game.

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