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I think it’s been well handled so far for levels 1-4. Would have expected a few kobolds, orcs etc but they may be still to come - then again they may get skipped.
Under dark could have come later as could the hook horrors, bulette etc minotaurs are ok if not a little overpowered (I’m not across 5e maybe they are right).
I just hope as we progress monsters and encounters are level appropriate- loving it at the moment.
I’ll save my judgement on the story etc until the full release as we are only in ea and that’s yet to be developed significantly

I think it's been okay. They need to fine tuned some of the encounters. The encounters that are really hard right now (not hard if you use Larian combat) is probably due to the level cap. At level 5, I don't see any encounter being an issue.

I think the main issue is, if our characters are starting at level 1 (which is fine and I like it) then our first exposure to world shouldn't be mind flayers. The problem is the story. Larian went big and threw a bunch of newb characters into a higher level scenario. Perhaps they could have started with all the characters in BG, leveling up through encounters in the city where we'd meet some of the companions before the tadpole. Later on, we can all be abducted by mind flayers and meeting some of the companions wouldn't be so odd since we already met some in the city.

To me, that would have been a more organic way to introduce the world. But alas, it bit too late for that now so we have to deal with what we have.

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