I would love to have a tutorial mission in the city that depends on your class and/or background.

Criminal rogue? Your mission is to go steal this thing from a locked chest somewhere. We're going to teach you how to pick locks, sneak and hide, about the advantage of initiating combat when your enemy doesn't know you're there, disarming traps, picking pockets, etc. So the tutorial leads you through the mission and, at the end (and maybe along the way) you have some choices to make that help to define who your character is: Are you stealing because you need the money or just for the thrill? Do you kill the guards or just knock them out? What is it that you just stole? Who did you steal it from? Are you going to sell it to the person who hired you? Keep it for yourself? Auction it off to the highest bidder? Give it away to someone who needs it?

Fighter? You're a city guard tracking down some criminals or maybe a pit fighter in a battle royale. You track down some hungry people that were just trying to steal some food - do you arrest them or let them go? Do you team up with other gladiators or try to get all of the glory for yourself? How gracious are you in victory/defeat?

Wizard? Going through trials in a magic tower or doing some kind of research. Do you revel in the power of your magic or is this all academic? How do you want to use what you are being trained in? What do you do when you learn some dark secret during your research?

Sorcerer? Who knows? Random nonsense just happens to you all the time. You have no control over it.

This tutorial could be preceded by a basic how-to-walk-around-and-interact-with-things section that all characters would do (so they don't have to write that up separately for every class or background). Then you learn your class-specific skills. Then you make some choices about who you are as a character. Then you get abducted.

More detailed combat tutorial (if needed) in the fight with Lae'zel against the imps. Then you level up - the game guides you through leveling and explains any new features you might gain. Continue the nautaloid as-is from there and you're well on your way to level 3 by the time you hit the ground.

Edit: Right now, your character starts out flat - almost entirely defined by the tadpole; you are what is happening to you and nothing more. By making some choices about your character early on (which could be mechanically meaningless or which might also impact e.g. your starting gear), it's easier to think of this as a well-rounded person who's going through a rough time, but has something to get back to. It makes for a more immersive story.

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